What is non-GMO soybeans?

Non-GMO soybeans are soybeans that are cultivated without any genetic modification techniques.

Why does V-Soy use non-GMO soybeans?

We are concerned about the genetic modification of foods and the negative effects it might have on the human body. That is why our soy milk product is made only with high quality non-GMO soybeans.

We want to bring our customers the finest, purest, and safest soy milk products possible.


Cardiovascular Health

The soy protein in soy foods are known to have cholesterol-lowering effect. A daily consumption of 25g of soy protein helps to decrease 4% to 6% of bad cholesterol, a marker for cardiovascular disease.


Studies show that soy foods could potentially prevent bone mineral density loss in post-menopausal women and that the isoflavones in soy may stimulate bone formation.

Breast Cancer

The isoflavones in soy beans are also known to offer protective effects against breast cancer in adulthood when consumed regularly early in life and during puberty. One serving of soy foods per day is associated with a reduction in breast cancer risk from 28% to 60%.

Menopausal Symptoms

Post-menopausal and perimenopausal women may benefit from isoflavones’ ability to reduce the severity and frequency of hot flashes.

Skin Benefits

Soy foods may have the potential to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity in ageing skin due to its isoflavones content.